Having been writing since I was kid, I've had opportunities to dabble in a number of styles of writing, including short stories, poetry, film, a weekly updated webcomic, a full story comic, and blog writing. I believe that regardless of what kind of writing you choose to do, the end goal is always the same: tell a great story. And regardless of what kind of writing I choose, I can tell a great story.

Published Work




  • Doors at 8: Devil Went Down to Open Mic Night
    The legend of the Jersey Devil says he was born the 13th son of a Mrs. Leeds, and that he eats children, plays guitar, and wears a leather... or at least that’s how we heard it. Join the Doors At 8 guys on this mystery adventure deep into the heart of the New Jersey Pine Barrens in "Devil Went Down To Open Mic Night"!