Film & Video

Over the last few years, I have done a number of short films, spec commercials, and even a feature length documentary. This is a hand-picked selection of the projects I am most proud of, and I hope you enjoy them as well.


  • The Floating Skull of Satan
    Higgins just wants to settle into his new home and his new life... but SOMETHING in the house won't let him!

  • The Procedure
    Jerry and Eric have been friends since high school. They can always count on the other to get them through even the toughest moments in their lives, including... THE PROCEDURE!

  • Cooking with Mr. Buttersworth
    Introducing Mr. Buttersworth, a chef with a LOVE for BUTTER! Learn to cook with Mr. Buttersworth! OH YESSS!

  • "Come Back Home with Me" by Ba Babes
    The "official" music video for garage/surf rockers Ba Babes.


  • Spec Online Advertisement
    30 second spot made for MadgeTech, to demonstrate my editing skills. This was made with MadgeTech assets, Adobe After Effects, and Premiere.

  • Altera Assembly
    Video guide to assembling the Infinity Altera massage chair.

  • Infinity Altera Removing the Arm
    Video guide to removing the arms of an Altera to assist customers with small doorways.

  • The Pitch: Maggie
    In-house training video for sales reps.

  • The Pitch: Bari
    In-house training video for sales reps.